[quagga-users 14427] Zebra - probably buffer size

Lukáš Danys lukas.danys at ha-vel.cz
Fri Sep 9 11:51:56 BST 2016

Hello everyone,

we seek advice regarding our problems with zebra daemon. Our machine 
used as vpn server has frozen last week two times. We extracted some 
info from logs:

Aug 29 13:22:01 zebra[848]: interface tun1346 index 110537 is still up 
while being deleted.

Aug 29 13:21:13 zebra[848]: netlink-listen recvmsg overrun: No buffer 
space available

Aug 29 13:21:12 zebra[848]: SLOW THREAD: task kernel_read (f7798775) ran 
for 7666ms (cpu time 5730ms)

Aug 29 13:21:12 zebra[848]: netlink_interface_addr can't find interface 
by index 111042

Aug 29 13:21:12 zebra[848]: netlink-listen filter function error

Aug 29 13:21:41 vtund[19259]: Unable to remove lock 

Aug 29 13:21:41 vtund[19313]: Unable to remove lock 

Aug 29 13:21:41 vtund[19315]: Unable to remove lock 

I would like to add that we are running about 1700 tuns through this 
machine. Recently we have found similar problem with buffer here: 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/quagga/users/4523 and made buffer 
bigger with --nl-bufsize . We have set it to 10M but its still untested 
as we don't want to give our clients another connection problems.

Also we would like to add, that its impossible for us to use OpenVPN.

Still we would like to ask you - is our solution the right one? What 
would you suggest?

Thank you in advance.

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