[quagga-users 14431] Are there support mpls l3vpn

陈卓文 chenzhuowen.simon at foxmail.com
Wed Sep 14 08:41:41 BST 2016

Hi all :

Recently , i am trying to build BGP MPLS VPN. In cisco config,there are "vrf" and command such as "address-family ipv4 vrf XX".But in Quagga there are without such command.
So i don't know whether Quagga support vrf or BGP MPLS VPN. Or, I don't know the config detail of VRF/MP-BGP.

Here is my PE config:
Current configuration:
hostname bgpd
password zebra
log stdout
vrf 14 netns /run/testvpn
bgp multiple-instance
bgp config-type cisco
router bgp 14 view 14
 no synchronization
 bgp router-id
 neighbor remote-as 14
 neighbor update-source
 no auto-summary
 address-family vpnv4
 network rd 14:1 tag 0
 neighbor activate
 neighbor send-community both
route-map a permit 1
 set vpnv4 next-hop
 set extcommunity rt 14:1
line vty


Hope get any reply for it.
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