[quagga-users 14432] Redundant Service IP on loopback

Dave Hall kdhall at binghamton.edu
Tue Sep 27 05:02:09 BST 2016


I found a link about this a couple months ago but apparently I didn't 
save it, so I'm going to have to ask...

The article I found described how to set up the IP for some service 
(i.e. DNS) on the loopback interface of two identical servers and then 
use BGP to distribute route advertisements with different metrics such 
that if the server with the lower metric fails or is rebooted the 
traffic will go to the other server.

My main goal here is services such as DNS and LDAP were the service is 
primarily used by other hosts/servers on the same subnet.  I'm not sure 
if the original scheme (above) assumed that there was a router involved, 
but in this case there is no router.

Any guidance would be sincerely appreciated.



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