[quagga-users 14662] [OSPF] How to deny/permit routes in LS packet?

詹益晨 yicchan90 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 02:07:25 BST 2017

Hi all,
Please help me...

This is my routing table
K>* via, usb0
C>* is directly connected, lo
C>* is directly connected, br0
O [110/10] is directly connected, gretunnel, 00:02:40
C>* is directly connected, gretunnel
C>* is directly connected, usb0
K>* via, usb0
If I don't want to send the route "" to peer OSPF server,
how can I do?

If I receive some route information from peer OSPF server, but I don't want
them, how can I deny them?

Are there any configure setting or example files in quagga?

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