[quagga-users 14694] BGP: same-IP differnet-AS neighbors

Alexandros C. Couloumbis alex at ozo.com
Tue Jun 6 07:58:09 BST 2017

Is it possible for quagga/bgp to work with multiple peers on same IP and 
different AS?

we are building a bgp passive collector for statistics analysis through 
Internet. remote/peers though have dynamic IPs, thereof on the collector 
side we setup a forwarder to the quagga collector that originates all 
connections from same internal static IP. We configured bgpd.conf for 
different peers with same IP & different AS. bgpd daemon runs fine 
without complaining about anything, but when connections arrive, only 
the first peer is served while the rest are just ignored.

best regards,

Alexandros C. Couloumbis

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