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Fernando Galvão fernando at wantel.com.br
Fri Mar 3 17:03:57 GMT 2017

Dear TOM,

I am with another server for more robust pppoe. It has 2x Xeon processors 2.4ghz 12mb quad core face cache. Even so, I still have issues with the zebra and ospf process. They've turned the cpu on 100% and drop my pppoe sessions from accel-ppp. What can I do? I see that I have unused CPU colors. Does not the quagga use the cores (16 in total) by balancing the load between them? Because it is not working. Today I had to restart the server and reduce to 2,000 pppoe sessions for the quagga to stay at 5% cpu consumption

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> Em 29 de jan de 2017, à(s) 20:10, Fernando Galvão <fernando at wantel.com.br> escreveu:
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> Mudar para português <>
> Follows the moment of the blast on the CPU and when it spends most of the time below 10%. The process is the zebra
> <image1.jpeg><image2.jpeg>
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> Em 29 de jan de 2017, às 19:39, Tom Samplonius <tom at samplonius.org <mailto:tom at samplonius.org>> escreveu:
>>   In what process is the high CPU usage?  It is not in any of the Quagga processes, then it isn’t a quagga issue.
>>   So it is probably not Quagga.  But you need to separate cause and effect.  Is the jump to 100% CPU the cause of the dropped PPPoE sessions, or the 100% CPU the result of all of the sessions being torn down?
>>   And if is not a Quagga issue, you should go to the accel-ppp mailing list.
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