[quagga-users 14958] Export BGP Table to iBGP session

Tom Funken t.funken at cyanlink.net
Wed Feb 28 11:22:02 GMT 2018


I have following setup:
SRV1 -> SRV2 -> SRV3

eBGP session to external transit provider
iBGP session to SRV2

iBGP session to SRV1 & SRV3

iBGP session to SRV2

I announce a /24 Subnet at SRV3 and wont to export it through SRV2 & SRV1 to my Transit Provider.
Also, I want to export the full table from my Transit provider through SRV1 & SRV2 to SRV3.

But..it looks like something is blocking it after the first iBGP "hop".
SRV2 knows my announced /24 Subnet and also the full table that I import & export from SRV1.
But, SRV1 don't know my /24 Subnet and SRV3 don't get the full table that I have at SRV2..

Does anyone have a Idea why?
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