[quagga-users 14959] Re: Export BGP Table to iBGP session

Alexis Rosen quagga-users at alexis.users.panix.com
Wed Feb 28 21:19:24 GMT 2018

On Feb 28, 2018, at 6:22 AM, Tom Funken <t.funken at cyanlink.net> wrote:
> I announce a /24 Subnet at SRV3 and wont to export it through SRV2 & SRV1 to my Transit Provider.
> Also, I want to export the full table from my Transit provider through SRV1 & SRV2 to SRV3.
> But..it looks like something is blocking it after the first iBGP "hop".
> SRV2 knows my announced /24 Subnet and also the full table that I import & export from SRV1.
> But, SRV1 don't know my /24 Subnet and SRV3 don't get the full table that I have at SRV2..
> Does anyone have a Idea why?

No, because you haven't actually provided any useful info about your setup. Start with the relevant BGP configs of each box.

You can do some debugging yourself (and report on it if mystified) using "show ip bgp neighbor x.x.x.x advertised-routes" and "... received-routes". If the latter doesn't work, make sure you have soft updates enabled.


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