[quagga-users 14965] Re: ospf learned default route not being re-installed after interface reset

Tim Bray tim at kooky.org
Tue Mar 27 14:26:54 BST 2018

On 27/03/18 14:09, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> I'm trying to resolve a problem with system startup involving zebra,
> ospfd and NetworkManager.
> First question is, is it necessary to wait for interfaces to be up
> before starting zebra/ospfd?  What exactly is the minimum required
> interface state?  Interface(s) just up?  Or do they need to be up with
> an IPv4 address?  Something else?

I think if you have your interfaces set as link detect in zebra, then no
need to wait.  When the interface comes up, zebra/quagga will go their

interface eth0

> Or can I avoid gating starting zebra/ospfd on anything to do with
> interfaces and zebra/ospfd will just start to use interfaces as they
> are brought up?

I think you are fine if you use link-detect.

> The problem I am having currently is that what seems to happen is that
> after the interface, zebra and ospfd are up, NetworkManager finds a
> reason to reset the interface, completely tearing it down and bringing
> back up again.  Let's ignore why NM is doing this for the moment and
> just accept that there are states where NM needs to do this.  It
> doesn't really have to be NM doing this.  Even on an NM-less machine,
> one could need to bring and interface down and then back up.

On a debian machine

I put

iface eno1 inet manual

into /etc/network/interfaces and NM leaves alone.  I have nothing else
to bring the interface up, I think Zebra will do it for you.

Sorry, I don't really have a way to test this.

> But why?  Why are all of the routes *except* the default route
> restored?  That all but the default route are restored seems to
> indicate that zebra/ospfd *should* handle interfaces being torn down
> and brought back up, but with this one caveat that the default route is
> not being restored.

Are you expecting to receive the default route via OSPF?


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