[quagga-users 14967] Re: ospf learned default route not being re-installed after interface reset

Tim Bray tim at kooky.org
Tue Mar 27 17:04:25 BST 2018

On 27/03/18 16:47, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> How does zebra know what ip address/netmask/etc. to assign?  I actually
> didn't know Zebra would do full interface management.

Look here http://www.nongnu.org/quagga/docs/quagga.html#Interface-Commands

Commands in zebra like

interface enp2s0
  ip address

Has the advantage that the routes disappear when the ethernet cable
falls out or the switch powers off.

Can you check the default route exists in ospf (rather than just in zebra)

telnet localhost 2604    / vtsh


show ip ospf route

and you are looking for, probably under OSPF external routing


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