[quagga-users 15000] What should quagga do when the Ethernet cable is unplugged?

小郭 daoruneiwang at 126.com
Thu Nov 29 01:51:25 GMT 2018

Hi all.

I am currently using quagga in a customized platform(no zebra, non-linux platform). 

Initially, my platform is connected to router A and the platform has already generated the routing table which contains the IPv6 address of the router A.
Then I unplugged the Ethernet cable between the platform and router A. I noticed that the routing table of router A has removed the IPv6 address of the platform. While the routing table of the platform still has the IPv6 address of router A. I checked the area structure's lsdb and found that the LSAs received from router A are still there.

When the platform detect that the Ethernet cable is unplugged, I change the interface state to DOWN and call ospf6_interface_disable as following:
ifp->flags &= ~IFF_UP;
However, this routine only remove the neighbor structure's lsdb. The area lsdb is unchanged. How could I remove the area's lsdb (since the routing table is calculated from the area's lsdb) when the cable is unplugged? Is there anything I missed?

Thanks in advance!

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